Eve Zimmerman hosts Pacific students and professors

From May 19-31, a group of Pacific students from the HESP Department traveled abroad to London England for a trip of a lifetime. This is where the saying “Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger” came to fruition. Eve Zimmerman, a former Pacific tennis standout, provided these 19 students and professors with an opportunity to attend the Sunderland vs Chelsea soccer match at Stamford Bridge. A few days following the match, she invited them all to her home in London for a giant barbecue. It was there that the Pacific connection came through. Not only Eve, but also her husband, Ellis, and their son, greeted them as they walked in the doors. It was a time where they all reminisced about the Pacific experience. Conversations about Tigers Yogurt, the renovations of the DUC, and the sorority life were just a few of the topics. Her husband spoke about how the EPL as well was how the Sunderland soccer club operates. After an amazing barbecue filled with ribs, grilled chicken, burgers, corn on the cob, and so much more, it was time to play in the basement. These students and professors had the chance to play FIFA, table tennis, air hockey, pinball, and Pac-Man with the family. It was a nice break for these students who have been on the road for a week and a half by that time. Eve said she wanted to give us a little taste of back home and provide them with a chance to simply relax and enjoy their evening.

It was an extremely gracious offer to have them all over to her beautiful home and meet her lovely family. They treated the 19 of them with respect and provided us with a world-class experience. It just goes to show that the Pacific connection is strong globally. It was a great opportunity for these 19 students and staff to learn from and speak with Eve and her family.


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