PAF Fund Drive Blog- Day 6  The second week of the Fund Drive has arrived!  Thank you to everyone who attended today’s first report session with our guest speakers, Director of Athletics Ted Leland and Men’s Tennis Head Coach Ryan Redondo.  We are beginning to see some renewals arrive to the office and we will be sharing the points that each individual and team has earned by Wednesday.

Announced at today’s meeting and shared below were this year’s Fund Drive Volunteer teams. There have been a few new team member changes since today’s report session this afternoon so be sure to check where you have been assigned.  We still have room this week for any new changes so be sure to provide me with any new additions to your team by this week.  Please take a look at your assigned team and begin working together in order to assist each other in reaching our Fund Drive goal.

Duane’s Crew

Duane Isetti

Lynne Davis

Sale Batres

Larry Philipp

Michael Kirwan

Dean Janssen

Elizabeth Wong

Chris Rishwain

Dustin Dyer


Eye of the Tiger

Jon Loo

Steve Fujinaka

Julius Hastings

Leland Noma

Amber Darby

Jeri Garibaldi

Christine Hankins

Kevin Sullivan

George Stepanoff

Al Fields

Michael Krieger


The Networkers 

Kristen Dyke

Jim Dyke

Eva Flying

Greg Rangel

Tiffany Davanis

Vince Rosato

Diane Stauffer

Ruben Espinoza

Elizabeth DeMichelis


Minatre Powercats

Mike Fidler

Leroy Minatre

Curtis Minatre

Walt Wolsterstorff

Sam Ruiz

Candace Jomwe
Nicole Helmout

Diane Gray

Kerwin Garcia

Pat Mancebo


Kung Pow Pandas

Wilson Yu

Wes Widmer

Dean Goold

Henry Hirata

Ken Kjeldsen

Scott Neishi

Fred Roceli


Lee Neves

Syd Yamada


Team Paulsen

Rick Paulsen

Tip of the Day:  Be sure to remain in contact with your team to exchange ideas and communicate on how the group is progressing with their outreach.  The teams are a great opportunity for networking and present opportunities to learn from each other’s successes.  Take the time to get to know other members on your team and learn from what makes each of them successful in their efforts to attract new PAF members.  Once you have a chance to receive feedback from team members, gather the information that is useful for you and include those examples into your own personal presentation.

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