PAF Fund Drive Blog- Day 33

Day 33 of the Fund Drive and WE HAVE OFFICIALLY REACHED OUR GOAL OF $50,000 IN NEW CASH FOR THE FUND DRIVE CAMPAIGN.  We have had a busy past few days/hours with some tremendous leadership and contributions from several of our Fund Drive team members to put us over the top this year and cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work in achieving this HUGE GOAL!

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who was able to submit new cash member donations over the past two days led by Rick Paulsen who submitted an additional $2500 new member cash yesterday to lead a flurry of contributions that supported our efforts to reach our goal.  I would also like to CONGRATULATE the following Fund Drive Members for their HUGE new cash contributions over the past two days: Wilson Yu, Jon Loo, Jim Dyke, Walt Wolterstorff, and Leroy Minatre.

Additionally, I would like to CONGRATULATE Lee Neves for officially securing a new cash member at $6,000 for the PAF signage location shared with everyone at our last report session.

We now have an even tighter race in the standings heading into the last day led by Team Eye of the Tiger in first place the team standings and Rick Paulsen in the individual standings.  Please be sure to turn in all of your renewals and cash member donation forms before 4:00 PM TOMORROW.

Tip of the Day:  We finished last year’s Fund Drive at $63,100 in new cash and have an opportunity to set a new bar.  Those who have yet to submit their individual pledge as Fund Drive Members can still make an impact on our Fund Drive.  Let’s finish the Fund Drive strong and see if we can top our efforts from last year!!

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