PAF Fund Drive Blog- Week 4

We are now approaching the conclusion of the 4th week of our annual Fund Drive and we were able to raise another $4,950 towards our PAF Impact Fund.  We have now raised a total of $13,135 in four weeks of the drive leaving us with $36,465 remaining towards our goal of $50K and slightly behind last year’s fundraising pace.

Team Tiger Tails has now taken over the first place spot of the campaign with Team Mayor in a close second place.  Wes Widmer has held onto the top spot this week with Walt Wolterstorff planning to overtake first place by next week with new cash that was turned into the office today.

Great job to everyone who turned in a new cash PAF member this week and for staying persistent in their follow up with their contacts.  Building your pipeline of donors will provide more opportunities and being persistent will eventually pay off as shown in the examples of each of several volunteers who secured a new cash PAF member this week.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS who submitted new cash donations this week:

  • Leland Noma- 2 new cash members for a total of $800
  • Julius Hastings- 1 new cash member for $100
  • Michael Kirwan- 2 new cash members for $300
  • Ernie Segale- 1 new cash member for $100
  • Basel Karabala- 1 new cash member for $500
  • Henry Hirata- 1 renewal upgrade for $500
  • Walt Wolterstorff- 2 renewal upgrades and 2 new cash members for a total of $2650

I have not received several responses from our team of PAF Fund Drive volunteers so please be sure to accept or decline the meeting request sent out on Wednesday for this week’s luncheon.  We will not be able to provide lunch for those who do not respond by Sunday so please be sure to RSVP for our next report session on May 7th.  We will have Head Coach of Women’s Softball Brian Kolze in attendance to speak about his program along with lunch being served.

Tip of the Day:  Have a dedicated time set aside daily to do your prospecting.  If you do not hold yourself accountable to use the resources provided and schedule time to reach out to potential PAF members, then you will not do it which results in a lack of commitment to your team and a lack of prospects who could potentially impact our team goal.




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