PAF Fund Drive Blog- FINAL DAYS

Only three (3) days remain for us to reach our goal of $50K and step up to the challenge to #EARNYOURSTRIPES!  We have currently raised $40,696 as of today and need a strong push over the next few days in order to raise our remaining $9,304 to hit our goal!  Only $3,500 separates the top two teams, Tiger Tails and Team Mayor, and only 1295 points separates the top two volunteers in the individual standings, Walt Wolterstorff and Leland Noma.

Currently, we have 18 volunteers who have yet to contribute a new PAF cash member and urge everyone to be persistent in contributing towards your commitment to support the drive.   If you have yet to commit to your own personal contribution and join the PAF, I have attached a link here that will provide you with an opportunity to make your impact. Click Here to Make a Donation Today!  Remember, every ​gift counts, no matter the amount.

We still have some remaining opportunities which include new prospects, renewal upgrades, and current volunteers to join the PAF in order to assist in our efforts so be sure to continue reaching out to your contacts and share with them our deadline of June 1st.

We are in a great position to finish out the drive and counting on everyone involved in order to reach our goal!!  Let’s ALL close out the drive strong!

Go Tigers!

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