PAF Fund Drive Blog- Week 2

The second week of our Fund Drive has passed and wanted to provide a quick update to teams and how they are currently tracking.  We have now raised total of $5,900 in new cash towards our goal and we now have a remaining total of $44,100 remaining towards our $50K goal!  We currently have 5 out of our 50 Fund Drive volunteers on the new cash fundraising board while 4 out of our 8 teams are on the board with a new cash submission as of today.

Congratulations to the following Fund Drive Volunteers who have submitted new cash donations since last week’s meeting and will receive double points per new member:

  • Michael Kirwan- 2 new cash PAF Members including himself
  • Henry Hirata- 1 new cash PAF Member
  • Kerwin Garcia- 1 new cash PAF Member upgrade
  • Dustin Dyer- 1 new cash PAF Member through Scalefunder link


  1. Be sure to RSVP for the luncheon on Monday, March 18th located at the Eve Zimmerman Tennis Center in order to allow the PAF to plan for lunch.
  2. Please be sure to sign up as an ambassador with your personal link recently emailed to you and share with your personal network in order to provide more awareness within the community and create more opportunities for you to attract new PAF members.
  3. The Fund Drive Volunteer who brings in the most new cash this week through Monday, March 18th  by our next report session will be rewarded with double bonus points for every new cash dollar amount.
  4. The Fund Drive Volunteer who is able to secure a new cash PAF member by our next report session on Monday, March 18th will receive an additional 200 bonus points per donation.

Fund Drive Tip:

Please be sure to utilize your resources and follow up with your list of contacts within a week of sharing information about the PAF with them in order to guide them through the process.  Go through each of your contacts using the checklist on page 16 of your training manual and create a personal list of contacts that you can share information about the PAF either in person or by email.  Use the attachment to use in an email with your Scalefunder link in order to grow your outreach and connect with as many people as possible.


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