H. LeRoy Minatre

LeRoy Minatre

H. LeRoy Minatre

Name: H. LeRoy Minatre

Employer: Mina-Tree Signs, Inc

Title or Occupation: President

Other Boards Currently On: Horizon Christian Fellowship Church

How long have you been a member of the PAF and how did you become a member? I am a founding member of the Pacific Athletic Foundation created in 1970. I was originally invited by Max Paulsen. I was inducted into the PAF Hall of Fame in 2016 and my wife Marjorie and I was honorary chairpersons for the 15th Annual Orange & Black Ball in 2014. I have been a long-term member of the PAF Board of Directors, including a term as President.

What interested you in becoming a member of the PAF? I have been involved with the PAF since its organization. I have been a major contributor and group leader in the PAF Fund Drive.

Other interests: I’ve enjoyed serving on various committees and was instrumental in the development of the Orange and Black Ball. I managed and played on the Stockton Citywide and flag football teams. I purchased the Altamont Raceway, a Nascar sanctioned track, and owned it for 10 years, often hiring Pacific students. I have always been a sports fan. I have donated to the PAF since it began.