Jon Loo

Jon Loo

Name: Jon Loo

Employer: Self-employed and a partner at Brookside Optometric Group

Title or Occupation: Optometrist

How long have you been a member of the PAF and how did you become a member? Joined PAF in 2012.

What interested you in becoming a member of the PAF?
I started following more avidly the basketball team in 2012 and eventually bought season tickets that year. That happened to be Pacific’s last season with the Big West, when they won the Championship in 2013 and went to the NCAA tournament. Anyway, I was hooked and have been going to games ever since. But the BIG REASON why I became a PAF member is that I believe UOP is a great asset to the city of Stockton. I support UOP programs, including athletics, because I believe the university brings in new people to Stockton, helps the city to grow and flourish, and enhances the quality of life here.