Christine Hankins

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Christine Hankins

Name: Christine Hankins

Employer: Dignity Health-Stockton

Title or Occupation: Case Manager/Discharge Planner

Other Boards Currently On: Training Camp 4 Life, Founder and Board Chairman

How long have you been a member of the PAF and how did you become a member? This is my first season as a PAF member. I was a fund drive worker in 2016 and I just had to join the “family”. I believe in the youth of our community, I respect the generations that have come before us. I honor those that serve our country. I know we all can learn from each other. Pacific athletics is the community of Stockton.

What interested you in becoming a member of the PAF? I remember attending football games with my dad as a young girl. These are incredible memories I cherish, now that my dad is no longer with us. I remember the prestige of the PAF and that big clubhouse in the sky within the Stagg Stadium. When you are a kid, you feel that the big PAF clubhouse is touching the sky. I also remember attending one of the first Wendy’s classic volleyball games at Delta College with my dad as well. That had to be pre-Spanos Center.

Other interests: Training Camp 4 Life is a youth focused 501c3 organization. Our goal is to build a state-of-the-art youth center in the city of Stockton.