Rick Paulsen

Pacific Athletic Association

Rick Paulsen

Name: Rick Paulsen

Employer: New York Life

Title or Occupation: Financial Advisor

How long have you been a member of the PAF and how did you become a member? Member since 1983 and I followed my Dad ( Max Paulsen ) footsteps. He was the PAF President, former Executive Director and the Top fundraiser for many years.

What interested you in becoming a member of the PAF? I had just graduated from Pacific and played on the basketball and baseball teams. I had a great experience at Pacific and attribute a lot of our success and my enjoyment to the support we received from the PAF. I love Stockton and Pacific and I felt it was my obligation to give back to Pacific to say THANK YOU for the great education and experience I received.

Other interests: Health, Family, Business and my Community. In my spare time I like to play golf, travel and enjoy my family and friends.