PAF Fund Drive Blog- Day 29

Day 29 of the Fund Drive and we now have 5 days remaining to reach our goal of $50K.  We have now increased our overall fundraising numbers to $29,159 for the Fund Drive.

Congratulations to Jon Loo for submitting a new cash member today and helping to increase his first place team’s total points.

Be sure to RSVP for this Monday’s final report session before the Fund Drive ends on June 9th.  We will have a closing luncheon on June 14th to announce the results of the Fund Drive to all of our volunteers so please be sure to join us.

Tip of the Day: With one week remaining in the Fund Drive, now is the time to stress the urgency of committing today in support of our campaign.  Be sure to follow up with each one of your new prospects and renewal opportunities with a clear message of how joining the PAF supports each one of our student-athletes through the Impact Fund.  Listen to their needs, help them come to a decision, and share how their donation will make an impact.

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