PAF Fund Drive Blog- Week 5

The 5th week of the Fund Drive has officially closed with a strong total of $3,650 raised in new cash this week.  We have now raised a total of $16,785 in five weeks of the drive leaving us with $33,215 remaining towards our goal.  We had a solid fundraising week, but we have fallen further behind last year’s fundraising pace.  We were at $23,094 in new cash at this same time last year and will need the support of every single volunteer in order to reach our goal of $50,000 in new cash raised.  Currently, only 19 of our 44 volunteers have contributed one new PAF cash member to the Fund Drive with only 21 days remaining.

Congratulations to Team Tiger Tails for maintaining their first place lead in the standings and to Walt Wolterstorff for continuing to lead in first place of the individual standings.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS who submitted new cash donations this week:

  • Mary Moppins– 5 new cash members for a total of $500
  • Julius Hastings– 1 renewal with an upgrade of $400 new cash and 1 new cash member for $50
  • Diane Gray– 1 new cash members for $100
  • Leland Noma– 1 renewal with an upgrade of $400 new cash
  • Basel Karabala– 1 new cash member and upgrade for a total of $1,000

Reminder:  Please do not forget to RSVP for our next Fund Drive Report Session on Monday, May 14 where we will have our new Athletic Director, Janet Lucas, in attendance as our guest speaker.

Tip of the Day:  If you have yet to contribute to the PAF Fund Drive either through a personal membership or with a new cash member, please reach out to me with any assistance that you may need in identifying or approaching new prospects.  We are here to help in your efforts and available for any assistance that you may need in reaching out to new members.

Have a great weekend and keep pushing! Together, we can make it happen!


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