PAF Fund Drive Blog- Week 4

We are now approaching the conclusion of the 4th week of our annual Fund Drive and we were able to raise another $4,950 towards our PAF Impact Fund.  We have now raised a total of $14,364 in four weeks of the drive leaving us with $35,636 remaining towards our overall goal of $50K and slightly ahead ($1,229) of last year’s fundraising pace.

Team Three is out to the lead and in first place with Team One (Tiger Tales) in a close second place.  Kerwin Garcia is out to a strong lead for our individual standings followed by Larry Philipp who has catapulted into the second place spot with his renewal upgrade that was submitted into this week’s grand totals.  We now have a total of 10 out of our 50 volunteers who have contributed a new cash member to this year’s Fund Drive!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS who submitted new cash donations this week:

  • Julius Hastings- 1 new cash member and 2 renewal upgrades for $400
  • Ken Kjeldsen- 1 new cash member for $100
  • Kerwin Garcia- 2 new cash members for $75
  • Mary Moppins- 1 new cash member for $500
  • JJ Godi- 1 new cash members for $500
  • Larry Philipp- 1 new renewal upgrade for $4,000 (announced on Monday)
  • PAF- multiple new cash upgrades

Please be sure to accept or decline the meeting request sent out in order to prepare for next week’s luncheon.  We will not be able to provide lunch for those who do not respond by Sunday so please be sure to RSVP for our next report session scheduled for March 25.   We will have the Head Coach of Women’s Softball Brian Kolze and our Head Coach of Men’s Baseball Ryan Garko in attendance to speak about each of their programs which are currently in season.

Tip of the Day:  Continue to reach out to personal and extended networks during the drive and be sure to use the resources provided in order to assist you with your efforts.  Thing BIG and try not to limit yourself to just those people in your network that you know personally.  Others will likely join if they know someone else who has joined so try to think of your extended network of people through those you know who are involved in associations, clubs, or who have access to reach fellow friend or employees that they can connect you with by simply opening the conversation with them on who they know.  Set an individual goal of $750 raised for the remainder of the Fund Drive and we will be able to reach this $50K goal as a team!  

Thank you for your continued efforts and looking forward to what everyone has in store for the last few weeks of the drive!


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