PAF Fund Drive Blog- Week 6

We have now arrived to the FINAL WEEK of the Fund Drive and slowly moving closer to our goal.  We had a HUGE week raising another $10,650 in new cash to bring us to a total of $29,955 and we are now officially above the halfway point of our $50K goal.  We were in a similar position at this time last year and building some momentum as we approach the final week of the drive.  We still have another $20,045 over the course of the next week and we will need the support from every single Fund Drive volunteer and 100% participation in order to achieve our team goal.

Currently, 22 of our volunteers have now contributed a new cash member or a personal new cash contribution to the campaign and have made their impact on our Fund Drive.  I have attached the most current individual standings in the order of new cash that each volunteer has contributed to the Fund Drive in order to see where you currently rank in this year’s standings.

Congratulations to The Streakers for stretching their first place lead in the standings and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Walt Wolterstorff for continuing to lead in first place of the individual standings.  Walt finished with a HUGE NEW CASH donation this week and a great example of persistence paying off!

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING VOLUNTEERS who submitted new cash donations this week:

  • Walt Wolterstorff- 1 new cash member $5000
  • Dustin Dyer- 1 new cash member
  • Diane Gray- 1 new cash member
  • Cheryl Macias- 1 new cash member
  • Steve Fujinaka- 1 new cash upgrade
  • Leland Noma- 2 new cash upgrades and 2 new O&B Ball sponsors
  • Christine Hankins- 1 new cash member
  • Basel Karabala- 1 new O&B Ball sponsor
  • Henry Hirata- 2 new cash upgrades
  • Dean Goold- 1 new cash upgrade

Reminder:  Please do not forget to RSVP for our next Fund Drive Report Session on Monday, April 8. I have yet to hear from 30 volunteers on attending the meeting which is important for our plans to arrange lunch.  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and LET’S FINISH STRONG!

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